Thursday, November 5, 2009

5 Technologies..

5 Technologies That Will Change the World

Article from PC World of some technologies that are coming your way fast.

I'm excited by the new USB 3.0 format that will replace our current USB 2.0. It'll allow for transfer speeds of up to 20 GB a minute. For anyone who has ever had to deal with slow USB transfers, this should be a breath of fresh air.

Another interesting up-and-coming standard is HTML5. In today's web browsers, in order to view certain content such as videos or games you often times have to have a third-party plugin or software to view them, whether it be Quicktime or Flash etc...

HTML5 is a new web standard that defines that web browsers must provide their own method of viewing such content. This means that in an ideal HTML5 internet, that there will be much less instances for the need to download some other software to view content on web pages.

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  1. Interesting how 2 on that list happen to be things our class has just looked at - 3D TV and augmented reality. We're on the cutting edge at OCAD (guillotine and basket not included)!