Friday, November 6, 2009


The Future of Design Must be Sustainable
by Nathan Shedroff

It took me several months to get my hands on this book but it was well worth it. The book is published by Rosenfeld Media in New York and they have many interesting books on user experience design. In the wake of November 12th's World Usability Day, Rosenfeld is offering Nathan Shedroff's book for 50% off. Shipping outside of the US is a little costly but I did bother the folks at SWIPE for several months and they kindly ordered a handful of books over the summer. If anyone is interested in reading this book I will gladly let you borrow it. And if someone could post a little something on his talk today that would also be wonderful, thanks.

With regards to the book, Shedroff discusses sustainability in many facets of design. The book is an easy read and it breaks down many processes which aid in developing sustainable products.

If you read it quickly it may help with the competition project :)

I also have a book by Indi Young called 'Mental Models', again published by Rosenfeld Media. This book is more relevant to our class and I believe it discusses tools for aligning design strategies with human behaviour. I will be bringing this book in to class next Wednesday but if anyone is interested, you can borrow the book afterwards.

Shedroff's basic checklist for designing sustainably:
  • Create More (value, meaning, and performance) with Less (materials, energy, and virgin materials).
  • Focus on efficient and healthy alternatives.
  • Use and promote local energy, resources, and labor wherever possible (reducing transportation).
  • Don't use PVC at all (or wherever there's an alternative).
  • Design solutions to be savored.
The detailed checklist is MUCH longer so borrow the book :)


Here are a list of websites on Sustainable Design from Nathan Shedroff's book:

Environmentally Sustainable Product Design:

Demi - Overview on sustainable design:

Locus Research - Sustainable product design:

US Environmental Protection Agency - Design for Environment:

The Center for Sustainable Design:

AIGA Center for Sustainable Design:

Designer's Accord:

Sus Pro Net:

Keep up all the great work my friends!!!



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  1. Thanks for the overview, Justin. Those of us who could not go today will be less miserable after reading your post.