Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Importance of Research...

We've been doing a lot of research for our ID projects this year, and sometimes you find that you have so much of it, you don't know how to use it. You have to find a way to extract those gold nuggets of information and utilize them in such a way that it spawns your concepts and ideas. Some of us might feel, why bother? I already know what's needed so let's just get right to the solution.

For those of you familiar with Zipcar, here's some of their research findings and how they used it to create the service for their members.

Our research shows that Zipcar members are highly technically savvy, reporting heavy use of computers, smartphones, social networks, and other digital devices and services. As a member-driven company, Zipcar needs to continually innovate in a manner that matches the way our members live. For instance, the popularity of text messaging provided a great opportunity to increase convenience. Earlier this year, we launched two-way text functionality to help members quickly and easily extend or modify an existing reservation. Let’s say they are close to the end of a reservation and need more time to complete the trip. Our system sends them a text message with a simple query: “Do you want to extend your reservation?” If so, a quick press of a button or two on their mobile device takes care of it.

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