Wednesday, November 3, 2010

17 Totally Unusual Chair Designs

Here is the original link.

Some of them are completely kitsch. There are several interesting ones

Transformable Jacket/Armchair

For those of your guys doing inflatable structure.
Polyurethane inflatable jacket that turns into an armchair

I think it is an interesting concept because of the combined functionality actually serves for one goal-- better camping experience.
The forms of chair looks comfortable and have an unique "robotic" look.

Prickly Pair Chairs

"juxtaposition of European and Mexican aesthetics"

I found it interesting because it comes in pairs while they work on their own just well.
Catchy, looking, feel and color combination. It is just interesting on many levels.

Ghost Chair

Ghost inside of chair is made of air bubbles.
The "ghost" shows when light reflects on it.