Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Robotic Floor Tiles

These "tiles" have a number d.i.y industrial conductive textile sensors coupled along with a program that ques them to safely arrive on time for the next step. A very interesting and different approach to the moving floor simulator. Very different from the conveyor belt types that we are used to seeing today

Tactile Interface Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi came up with a concept of a tactile interface. The buttons change height and color as notifications or based on the mapping configuration needed for current tasks. If you need for example arrows up down and right the buttons that are raised correspond with that shape.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Domino's Scooter Sound

One of the disadvantages of electric transportation is that they emit no sound, and this poses a threat to pedestrians since they sometimes rely on sound to determine if a vehicle is approaching. Domino's has a creative solution, check it out!

Jaguar Bookshelf

Creative use of an old vintage car.

A vintage Jaguar has been re-purposed by Dutch design firm Denieuwegeneratie so that it could serve as a stylish bookshelf in a living room.
The Jaguar Bookshelf was specifically designed for a Dutch Mountain house, an eco-friendly house built halfway into a hill, with a jutting roof that creates a mini-mountain.

To get the Jaguar book-ready, they had to cut out a large swath of the roof and remove the engine. The trunk has also been converted into a convenient cabinet.

LINK - Jaguar Bookshelf

Monday, April 16, 2012

Hologram Tupac!

Hologram Tupac: What's so live about live performance anyway?

Miniature sandblasting chamber.

Came across this product at the green living show. It uses the suction from its vacuum to attach a miniature chamber that has the sandblasting nozzle and a light source. The sand that is used for this sandblaster is recycled crushed glass.It is very mobile and the posses is safely isolated. It is called the Tornado ACS.

Kristoffer Hvitfeldt

De Fietsfabriek means The Bike factory in english. It‘s a Dutch bicycle company that manufacturers and sell hand built quality bikes. This is student work. The assignment was to redesign their existing brand. I love nice packaging design