Wednesday, October 27, 2010


This is the fridge of a close friend of mine who has yet to learn how to grocery shop and prepare food. He's 30 so that's pathetic. A proper dinner to him consists of Cornflake end-of-the-bag dust and a hot dog he cooks rotisserie style in his toaster. It came to our attention one night after bong loads and video games that he has an egg broken in the back of his fridge. As I'm sure you can imagine, his disability to cook for himself also reflects in his inability to clean. The kind of guy who sits on his own dried up piss and whenever he has a girl come over begs for me to come up and clean his place - I always refuse.

Anyways, we noticed the egg, had a good laugh, closed the fridge and carried on. Every time I visited for the next month, I would check on the egg. He never opens his fridge so it didn't matter much to him. To my surprise the egg never got moldy, smelly, or rotten. It just sat discretely at the back of the fridge day after day, night after night. One day (about a month later) I decided that this needed to be documented. I brought up my camera and to my surprise it was all worth while. The pictures spoke to a different beauty that was not only aesthetically wonderful and rich with color but defied our previous assumptions about what a broken egg in a fridge for a month would come out looking like. Needless to say, the egg is gone. But the photo speaks for itself....

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