Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mapping innovation Clusters

Fellow designer!

As I sit here in class, I am wondering what the end result will be after 4 years of endless nights of hard work. All of us, this is just a giant assumption on my part, are wondering what are the employment opportunities like after we graduate? Should I move abroad to find employment?

As designers, we can't follow orthodox methods of finding employment and earning an income. One method someone suggested was to follow trends, and one trend that I thought might be interesting would be to follow trends of innovation around the world.

I came across this website that maps innovations around the world. They highlighted areas of innovations according to a number criterias;

1) number of patents issues to specific city
2) number of journals published
3) change in labour market trends and productivity.

This is just a SNAPSHOT of one particular view of innovation. This is by no means the set-in-stone method of following innovation. But, it is a good starting point for us to begin our research towards mapping trends and possibly anticipating the NEXT BIG THING!

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