Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Six Hats Thinking

Since Suzanne mentioned about "Six Hats Thinking", I thought it would be beneficial to research on this communication technique. This concept was developed by Edward de Bono, the author of Lateral Thinking and many other thinking books.

Basically this is what the six hats mean:
- White Hat: you focus on the information or data available
- Red Hat: you based decisions using intuition and emotion without justification
- Black Hat: you look at things cautiously and defensively, being critical on the negative aspects
- Yellow Hat: you look for positive qualities
- Green Hat: you can develop creative solutions to a problem
- Blue Hat: you control the process or steps (usually during a meeting)

I have read his more recent book How to Have a Beautiful Mind, which is essentially about holding interesting conversations. Sadly I still didn't learn to use these techniques because of my shyness at times, but it helps me realize what makes an intellectual conversion.
I found this video with de Bono speaking about the six hats. It seems to be dated a while back, but it's the most comprehensive video I can find.

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