Saturday, September 19, 2009

Basadur Posters from Thursday morning.




going lateral, literally


To me (I repeat, to me) Basadur is a good concept. However, its sole usefulness to me is the concept that each of us has these different parts within us that sometimes wrangle with each other and can paralyse the individual in a tangle of opposing directions. The solution of externalizing these different parts into actual people in a hive mind is novel. On the other hand, taken as an idea, a model for how to work in a group effectively, I really think it must be situated alongside (if not several steps after) a set of other enabling tools such as those that deal with interpersonal psychology. Because for me, today's activity was the first group project and it exposed so nakedly the inadequacy of Basadur in addressing the the most critical aspect of any collaboration between two or more people: psychological dynamics, games ppl play, etc.


  1. I wonder which activity it is you are referring to as exposing the inadequacy of Basadur.

    My take on the Basadur profiling is a recognition of where an individual's strengths and weaknesses are when it comes to problem solving, and pairing you up with a group that is complementary to your profile.

    Rather than an externalization of different problem solving attributes, it feels more of a way to reap the benefits of perspectives and processes that differ from your own.

  2. Wow, you commented on my stuff! I'm happy to read what you wrote. Thank you.

    Perhaps I'm just to much of a bastard to be Basadured. Whether its because I have a genetic disorder to be contradictory all the time or have the Diogenetic contempt for systems that wish to foist handles on me (the better to grab me with), I almost always deliberately need to pull the rug out from under something.

    If anyone tries to tell me I'm X,Y or Z, it will provoke me to go out of my way to f*ck that sh*t up. In a good fun way, of course!

  3. That's very interesting David, that you strive to move beyond categorization of any sort in a conscious and deliberate manner.

    It's probably a heightened desire for individuality or some sort of complex you've developed over the years that runs along the same lines haha.

    Nonetheless, it's a different reaction than the slightly amused complacency most of us had after finding out our Basadur profiles.