Sunday, December 5, 2010


Recycling and the Life of a Lipstick Tube <-click to read more

A handful of smart, savvy makeup manufacturers are launching take-back programs that not only sort and recycle containers for you—but offer sweet deals to their customers as added incentive (hello, free lipstick!). A few of our favorites include:

Back to MAC: One of the first companies to dabble in recycling programs, MAC Cosmetics accepts returns of its primary packing as part of their commitment to environmental responsibility. Collect and return six containers, and they'll throw in a free lipstick - of any color or shade your heart desires.

Aveda Recycle Caps: Recognizing that the majority of plastic bottle caps do not get recycled today, Aveda goes the extra mile and accepts not only caps from their own bottles and tubes, but flip top caps on food products like ketchup and salad dressing, laundry detergent, and even plastic water bottle lids.

Return to Origins: Like Aveda's program, Origins takeback program is brand agnostic -consumers can bring any empty bottle, jar or cosmetic tube into any of Origins stores or department store counters nationwide. Then, the company says, "all returned packaging is sent back to central location where products are recycled or used for energy recovery." Pretty great, huh?

These trail-blazing companies are the first of what we hope will become many to give new life to old cosmetics containers, but they can't do it alone. With more and more options for responsible disposal available to us every day, it's on our shoulders to make sure all those little plastic containers and bottles make their way to the right place!

**This article shows us how we could all be involved in the "green-life," which benefits us and the world. Cosmetic companies should participate more into these kind of recycling programs. I always don't know how to recycle lotion and make-up containers after using them. There are refills for eyeliners, but not many manufacturers have these.

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