Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Last Post- We Live In The Future!

'Automatic Eyes' illuminating the road ahead, digital dashboard telling you traffic density information, and an atomic reactor melting the mountainside as it paves the tunnel behind? We live in the future, I tells ya! Well, okay, maybe we don't have the 'atomic' tunnel-builder yet, but the current tunnel boring machine is pretty close to that dream come true. See how many current conveniences are listed in the video above. My voice is hoarse from yelling "I SAW THAT BEFORE!" way too many times.

The act of designing is a funny thing; half of me wants to make something actually tangible, usable, and (of course) gradeable, and the other half just wants to go batshit-insane making horribly wonderful idea that I know Tristian would shoot down with nary a bat of an eye. Or maybe with that scrunched-eyebrow-contemplating-what-the-heck-is-this look of his. Anyway, in the end it is the batshit-insane part that drags me from my comfortable computer to pick up my pad and paper to start doodling a dozen designs. Like this video; I bet somebody in the 50s had a hell of a fun time making that video. It really seemed like a no-holds, anything-goes piece of pure pie-in-the-sky. And we live it now! How cool is that!

Keep it fun, guys. It's good for the future.

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