Friday, December 3, 2010

ReDesign and Food for Thought.

It doesn’t make much sense to me that I can talk to someone on the other side of the planet from a device that sits in the palm of my hand shooting signals to space and back within seconds but I still wipe my ass with a 4x4” square of thin, temperamental paper. Lets get our priorities straight. For something that is so close to us and used for very personal and sensitive reasons I would think that someone, somewhere would be looking in to a re-design. Seedless watermelons?! And all I get is one more ply?!

I have trouble mopping the floors in my apartment. Not because I’m lazy, but because I haven’t yet found an easy to use, effective household mop. I like the industrial dreadlock white one’s that janitors use in schools. The sponge ones that are offered in a hundred varieties at Canadian Tire are ALL shit. I end up just pushing around dust bundles and pubic hair. They shouldn’t be called mops, they should be called re-distributors.

I don’t like that my coffee table is called a coffee table. I don’t drink coffee.

Some of our classmates recently designed a rapid-prototyping application that would allow people to design their own instruments. I think that this a valuable idea that should be further investigated. Why isn’t there a kid’s toy that allows the user to buy a box of parts or sections of instruments that can be fastened together to create whimsical winds and sounds?

The fact that I sit on the DVP by myself during rush hour in a car that seats five surrounded by hundreds of other people in cars that seat more than they ever transport is fucked up. There needs to be a better system. I don’t think that companies should be looking in to lighter or more environmentally friendly cars. We should be brainstorming better systems of transport to eliminate the need for the consumer car in the first place.

Record. 8 Track. Tape. CD. DVD. USB. What’s next I wonder?

Babies growing in women’s stomachs is as sci-fi as it gets.

Do you believe in monsters? If you didn’t know a bear as you know it now and you were walking through the forest and saw one, wouldn’t you think it was a monster? Good marketing can sell us anything. Giant dark beast with razor sharp teeth, giant paws and protruding claws, lives in the forest, will attack, roars that below over the distance and my four year old nephew cuddles with a plush version every night before bed and calls him Sam.

Happy Holidays,

Uncle Dave

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