Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Pure Washer – Eco Automatic Sink

Everybody has those days where they are just too busy (or lazy) to wash their dishes, leaving them in the sink for later. Someone was clearly thinking about that when they came up with this concept. The sink is divided into two rotatable halves, with one hidden inside the counter and the other open for the user to use normally. After a meal, however, he or she can merely place the dishes in the sink and the basin revolves into the counter, where it washes your dishes for you. Meanwhile, providing you with the other functioning half of the sink. How convenient ! The problem, though, is how big would the entire unit have to be to allow enough space for the half sinks to fit all the dishes and cooking tools that families use, especially big families... because according to the rendering, it looks like the sink won't be able to rotate into the counter nor would it be able to wash a lot of dishes at one time.

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