Friday, November 26, 2010

Brazil by Daniel Widrig

London designer Daniel Widrig has created a wooden chair with three legs that morph into armrests and a back.

Called Brazil, the design is broken down into components to be CNC-cut from laminated wood.

Here’s some more information from Widrig:

‘Brazil’, a limited-edition armchair designed by Daniel Widrig was launched at Martin-Gropius-Bau in Berlin last month. Featuring a structural bifurcation system, the chair has three legs that branch out from the floor and smoothly transform into armrests, a backrest and a seating surfaces in one fluid movement.


The chair has been digitally prototyped, structurally and ergonomically tested and optimized through digital dynamics simulation as used in the aerospace, automotive, and biomechanics industries. This process allowed for a fast and flexible design development and a straight-forward realization of the complex geometry of the piece.


The chair is built from laminated wood sheets via a 5-axis CNC router. To save materials and production time, its geometry is split into multiple components that are digitally nested onto sheets of laminated wood and CNC machined. The component are then assembled, glued and hand finished. Through the CNC milling, the layered structure of the laminated wood is exposed and underlines the topography of the chair’s surface.

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