Saturday, November 6, 2010


This website is truly amazing! On the homepage, it has a list of feelings, actions or how the weather is outside...and you click on one of them, depending on your mood, and they will give you a playlist of music that best accompanies how you're feeling. How cool is this!

I think the sort of experience that this website is offering is very well thought out. It's almost like what we learnt in first year, Experience Design. Except that instead of implementing a feeling that they want you to have, they allow you to create your own experience. Genius!


  1. whoa, this is awesome!
    I would have never found out about this website.

  2. My cynical side is telling me how dangerous this sort of think is when it trickles into advertising...y'know what? It might already have! Dagummit we're going to be buyin' stuff we dun need because we gonna be tricked by those daggumn advertisers!!

    That aside, it's brilliant. I actually liked what I chose. When they have the ability to do this without my input, it'll be a whole 'nother level of whoa.

  3. so straight forward, like thats its zippy