Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Charles and Jin's trend project: video on information sharing

Our topic for the trend assignment was information sharing. Instead of an image board, we opted for an animated short for the visual component. We felt the media itself serves as a better complement to our theme - flow of data(information) in our digital age. The video aims to provide a time-based, visually interesting interpretation on the evolution of information sharing, from analogue to digital. Furthermore, the essence of the clip lies within its process of making. Images used were all googled on the internet, put together with photoshop and imovie, and eventually broadcasted here as well as other media-sharing platform such as youtube and vimeo. We hope to highlight the great degree of accessibility and instantaneous aspects of the trend in focus. The title - The Medium is the Message(Referencing Mcluhan's famous phrase). Please enjoy!

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