Friday, November 26, 2010

Royal Parks Drinking Fountain

Royal Parks Drinking Fountain
Winner of the Tiffany Across the Water & Royal Parks Foundation International Competition 2010

‘Watering Holes’ Text by Robin Monotti Graziadei.

The fountain is a sculptural slab of Cornish granite perforated with three circular holes.

The main slab is matt sawn granite, whereas the inside of the cylindrical chamfered voids will be polished and reflective.

The three holes relate to the drinking heights of adults (the higher one), children and wheelchair users (the middle one), and pets (the lowest hole). To the side of each circular hole will be the mouth of a water jet that is controlled by a respective push button on the side that allows the water to flow while it is pressed.

The water flows down the circular cut, and the circle prevents any splashing to reach the person drinking. Having reached the lower section of the circle, the water flows down the face of the fountain to be collected in a trough at the bottom through which the water is drained.

The positioning of the fountain within the Royal Parks will be considered with reference to the views that will be framed by the circular holes when in proximity of the fountain. The simplicity of the shapes of the rectangle for the main body, and the circles for the holes are designed to give the fountain an easily recognizable identity that can be perceived from a distance as sculptural elements within the park.

The fountains will all be slightly different from each other, there will be a degree of both repetition and variation.

Project Team: Robin Monotti Graziadei, Mark Titman, Fannar Valur Haraldsson, James Furzer and oak model by Thomas Goodey.

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