Monday, November 8, 2010

I See Your Carbon Fibre Violin and Raise You A Carbon Fibre Mako Shark

I wouldn't know where to put them aside from a museum, but man are they beautiful. Those shark gills are straight off the rear quarter of a Ferarri F40! Made by a former F1 mechanic, they incorporate scrap parts from the racing cars (presumably the retired ones) with his expertly-shaped carbon form. It's a sort of engineering knowledge-meets-art kind of thing, but shouldn't everything be? Even though it's not a usable piece per se, precision work still went into creating it.

If you see this trout, the 'jump' code didn't work. EDIT: It does! Woo!

Anyway, these carbon-fibre aquatic animal sculptures are part of a series done by Alistair Gibson, and it includes many different (probably very expensive) F1 car parts. I want to argue the waste of putting such attention and detail into something that will not solve world hunger or some other big humanitarian issue, but just look at these things! I say the do serve a purpose; to inspire. To give us something cool to look at and admire so we have a bit of Awesome with us as we trudge through the monotony of everyday.

A Mackerel

A Piranha

And a Hammerhead Shark. Guess he wasn't content with just one fish, huh?

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