Thursday, November 11, 2010

So, Who's Wearing A Poppy Today?

I distinctively remember a Vietnam vet saying "People who didn't bother wearing a poppy should be deported. We fought for your rights and now you can't even bother to pay a dollar for a poppy?!" Now, you may cringe at the brashness of this statement and make legitimate excuses for you poppyless-ness, but he's got a point. It really isn't asking too much on our part to remember the very people who once risked their lives for us. Also, it shows the great meaning behind the red plastic flower. It is an effective symbol of support, of remembering and respect, of gratitude and peace. And it clearly delineates the people who don't care; it's a big-ass red beacon, fercryin'outloud!

Now, I say this because for the life of me, I can't find my poppy from last year, and I haven't met anybody giving out poppies on the street. If you're reading this, I'll be at school later today and if you can hit me up with an extra poppy, great! I'm thanking you in advance. (Actually, this whole blog post is written to appease the very-scary but very-right veteran; I needed something to stand in for my missing poppy...)

Right, the gratuitous design tie-in: It is what we can achieve with elegant, simple solutions. It may become so well-received to the point of people tying in more meaning to the tasks they perform. It has the potential to become iconic. Example, you ask? Uh, how about the tissue box? I think that humble cardboard box stands for comfort in times of sadness. Okay, it's cheesy, but you get it.

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