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Obama’s campaign was innovative in almost every way. This was the first time there had ever been an internal design team in a political campaign. Scott Thomas’ was the Design Director responsible for the Obama Campaign, designing everything, ensuring consistency between print, web and other media. Watch this great video from Behance to hear the inside story of the Design behind the campaign.

Now, Scott Thomas ‘has collaborated with artists and designers to create Designing Obama, a chronicle of the art from the historic campaign.’ A beautiful glossy book featuring the work of about 100 artists and designers. And it just makes sense that this would be done in an equally innovative way.

“Opposed to going the conventional publishing route we’ve decided to publish, promote and print it ourselves. We are funding it [in a similar manner as the campaign] through Kickstarter [whose mission iit is to help fund creative projects and ideas]. The book was beautifully designed in our very own studio.”

“Support the project; fund its creation. Our goal is the amount needed for a minimum run. We will order as many books ordered. No overstock and wasted paper. We hope you support our approach.” If they do not meet the $65,000 goal [the amount needed for a minimum book run], by November 4th, the books will not be printed, and pledgers will not be charged. As of tonight, they had 446 backers and a total of $29,079. With 42 days to go I think they are sure to get there.

I supported this approach by making a pledge of $50.00 towards this project, and in return I will receive a special edition copy of the book with a white sleeve. The idea is innovative, and will be the model for many future self-published books, self-produced products…who knows where this could lead. 

Here is a link to the video talking about the project.

Wow. Wish I’d thought of it…!


via: The Post Family 

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