Saturday, October 31, 2009

Thinking about.. 'Design Thinking'.

I've been thinking about the term 'design thinking'.

What does this actually mean? Should we be separating approaches by professions (eg: 'accounting thinking', 'DJ thinking', 'library thinking', 'doctor thinking'.

Though it's been stressed that businesses are turning towards 'design thinking' as a strategy for holistic thinking and user-based experience, I can't help but wonder if 'designers' and design education actually is that different from other types of 'thinking'. Tangents with this article I just read:

If you have conversations with other friends in other profession, do you find Design actually approaches problems that differently (I was thinking re: engineered solutions for our beloved Kiosk and Headset projects), and why? Do we think this way because of our natural tendencies and life experiences, or are we bred into it? 

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  1. I never thought 'design thinking' would just include designers. I think the point of design thinking is that it will include many different displinces to get a final result.

    I think its just called design thinking, because its the designer who heads the whole thing.

    The designer is the middle person who brings all these other professions together. The author totally just took the term design thinking, way to literal in my opinion.