Wednesday, October 7, 2009

developing personas

Personas are a good technique for user-focused designs. To develop more detail personas these are good to include:

  • Biographic, geographic, demographic, psychographic background information
  • The business’ relationship to the persona
  • The persona’s relationship to product and business
  • The persona’s specific goals, needs and attitudes
  • The persona’s specific knowledge and proficiencies
  • The context of usage
  • Interaction, information, sensory, emotional aspects of the user experience
  • Accessibility issues
  • Relationships among personas

Good questions to answer for the context of usage of the product/service from the personas:

  • When and where do users perform a task? With whom?
  • What’s the surrounding environment?
  • Are there device constraints?
  • Are there confidentiality needs? Accuracy needs? Audit needs?
  • What are the operational and/or safety risks?
  • Is there assistance and training available?
  • Are there legal and/or regulatory restrictions?
  • What does the interaction involve / look like?
  • What information is involve?
  • What makes the user experience memorable / valuable?
This link talks more on personas in detail:

An interesting way on also making persona is sorta like making a mood board for personas or a collage. This link shows an exaxple of a collage type personas of fashion and style, but is an interesting way in looking at personas.

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