Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New iMac & Magic Mouse

Although Apple always talked about "carbon footprint" and many ideas exist to save energy.
But this time, I think they did a good job of executing their idea of not just looking at the hard drive to save energy but to make a software that will save energy as well - and do embed it into the system. To actually market with that as a tool to sell more.

pretty cool stuff. :) the mouse too, very intuitive - seen from the video.

at 4:44 environment report starts..

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  1. It's fucking HUGE!!! I love the magic mouse though, that looks awesome. Also, isn't it funny that they say "this is really our BEST i(insert product) yet!" every time they come out with a new version? Wouldn't it be fucking stupid if they came out with a new generation product and it wasn't the best one ever? Isn't it implied that because they're updating it, it will be better than its predecessors? Although, I suppose they like to differentiate themselves from Microsoft, who keep saying the new windows is the best ever, but somehow kept making it worse.