Thursday, October 15, 2009

No, y'all can't do it like me

Ok so here's something I thought was cool and pertinent, Philips' Human Centered Solutions group has this website that very briefly outlines what they do, which happens to be exactly the same thing we're doing in most of our classes this year. Check out their services page for just a selection of things we've already done, with a few examples of how they've done it. woo. They even do Competitive Landscape Analysis, damn, if only I had tons of money I could just make them do this project with me.

Anyways, overall not a very helpful site for us, since it goes into no detail about how they do these things, but it is a nice little listing of what tools Philips uses to come up with such great products for themselves and other companies.

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  1. Oh just thought I'd point out their brief bibliography too, as it might be useful, the Sketching User Experiences book sounds particularly interesting.

    The Psychology of Human-Computer Interaction. Stuart K.Card, Thomas P. Moran, Allen Newell

    Sketching User Experiences – Getting the design right and the right design. Bill Buxton

    Design Visual Interfaces – Communication-Oriented Techniques
    Kevin Mullet, Darrell Sano

    The Media Equation – How people treat computers, television, and new media like real people and places. Byron Reeves, Clifford Nass