Wednesday, October 21, 2009

OCAD School Uniforms

Hi everyone!

I have decided to design and create a school uniform for myself for my day to day activities at OCAD.

I want to take design cues from the architecture and community of OCAD, as well as incorporating "shop" type clothing and trends (ex. scarf).

Any ideas?



  1. I get what you leaning towards, as far as different options go (shop-type clothes, trendy clothes, etc.) - just remember Hilary... scarves are a no-no in shops! haha.

    But seriously, it's cool to see someone taking some initiative with OCAD clothing, so good on ya for that.

    My only suggestion(s):

    Keep it simple [IE. if you're going to incorporate the architecture of the building, don't go overboard - E.g. pairing checkerboard + stilts may be overkill). Sure, there are some people that love the design of the building... but there are some that are quick to laugh - I'd rather my school clothes don't have people laughing too, know what I mean?) - Doesn't have to be as straightforward as the typical varsity layouts (think of Belushi's 'college' shirt in the movie Animal House), but nothing too far from that (although, that's just my opinion).

    As far as shop clothes go... BEAUTY IDEA HILARY!! - the only thing I'd suggest would be to think about clothes you could wear inside AND outside of the shop. Wearing a smock in the shop is alright, but people (usually) take it off before leaving. On the other hand, clothing like shop-shirts (like sleeveless button-ups) could be worn outside of the shop. I'm always reminded of Sukko, with his downhill racing shirts (they are typical shop shirts - durable/rugged, but he wears them outside of the shops at times too). But again, I'd suggest keeping it simple (like a modest logo above the shirt pocket - nothing huge to cover your entire back... although, I guess it all depends on this chosen design).
    Which leads me to my next/last point,

    If you're serious about designing some clothing, AWESOME!, but I'd get a few logos prepped, and show them around the school - see what people think - Who knows, maybe you find ID students like a Logo, but MAAD doesn't?

    Ever consider program specific clothing/logos?

    Again, nice initiative!
    Cheers Hilary,

  2. Thanks Kurt!

    I just want to clear one thing up first off.

    This project is for my Wearable Fibre final, so basically I just wanted to make school clothes for myself, thus making it easier to get dressed in the morning, making myself stand out even more (is that possible) and making myself more iconic.

    I wasn't intending on presenting the designs to the school, but you're right, I should!

    I want to play off of existing school uniform types, while taking cues from professional uniforms and shop-wear.

    For example, I was thinking of having different modes of uniform.

    Class, Shop, and Crit.

    Class clothes would be comfortable and casual (casual in the traditional sense). Golf shirt, collared shirt, slacks, kilt, shirtdress, school sweater/vest/cardigan. The point of class clothes is to provide comfortable yet un-sloppy clothing. The school (or program, faculty) scarf would be part of the class clothes.
    I was thinking of doing the collared shirt in either a classic white or a grey, since grey is so popular for normal clothes already. But then again I may just choose to do the golf shirt in a grey and leave the collared shirt white. I am thinking that for the collared shirt, I would slightly alter the seaming to make it more futuristic, nothing too too dramatic, but just details. I'm not entirely sure of colours for everything yet.

    The Crit clothes will likely consist of slacks, dress shirt, tie, dress, kilt, and possibly a blazer or jumper.
    The goal of the Crit clothes is to look sharp for crits. Obviously.
    The big difference between the collared shirt from the class clothes and the dress shirt is the seaming. The Class shirt would have much more conservative seaming than the Crit shirt, which I want to build based on the white, pointy, metal things on the 2, 3, and 4 balconies in the lobby and great hall.

    I'm thinking that the tie might have the checker print on it.

    Shop clothes could be worn with or over Class clothes, and could be short sleeved or sleeveless button up shirts, work pants, and a smock or apron. These things would NOT be white. Probably grey or black.

    As far as logos go, I wouldn't want anything too bid and distracting, except for maybe on variations of the golf shirt or something.

    The one thing that I'm really nor sure about at this point would be the colours.
    As crazy coloured as OCAD is, the people within it often dress in greys and black. Hm.