Monday, October 12, 2009

Doritos again and SURPRISE We Evolved From Aquatic Apes

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! :)

First, that Doritos packaging so so way wicked, makes me smile! I saw that before on a fun lil site called TrendsNow which has a bunch of specialized spin-offs, such as EazyFood, LuxuryIssues, and my fav, TrendyGirl! They have tonnes of conceptual models on there. Have a look! But if french ain't your thang, just run the URL through a Google Translate and it'll be any language you want! IT'S LIKE MAGIC!



Secondly, take a gander at this lovely TED talk by Elaine Morgan where she discusses how we evolved from aquatic apes! I remember hearing this theory a few year back and found it surprisingly plausible. Honestly, if we really did evolve from apes, I would rather have evolved from an aquatic one.

I would like to close by saying that everyone should probably eat a piece of fruit or something to get their digestive system back in working order after this weekend's festivities.

May I recommend a ruby red grapefruit?


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