Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Workspace continued

Continuing my previous post about work & living spaces of various studios, designers & artists, here is a nice little breakdown of how to get that productivity in your workspace. Does your desk distract you? Does it take you a while to get to get from sitting down to tackling the actual task at hand? Perhaps the area you work around can be the source of your delays.

I know the actual article is a little broad and self-evident, but I thought maybe people could share what their work stations look like?

Here's what I've got. I really could use their proposed changes, I guess...



  1. I like to see that you're using that lamp you made Ansis, even if it is apparently your only source of light. Nice compact workspace though, apartment therapy ( ) tells me that disorganized workspaces with piles of paperwork are cool now, which is good news since mine has always been that way. Speaking of which I thought this was going to be an AT post from the look of it.

    I'll post mine in a minute because I'm avoiding working on a certain project which cannot be named.

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  3. Check out Ansis - although I'm sure you've already seen this stuff ( are the Guru of keeping up-to-date as far as blogs/trends/current event postings go! haha).