Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Process & workspace

From time to time I get curious to see how my working process differs from a paid professional's. After all, that'll be me one day. Here is a variety of different designer's, firm's and artist's studios. Keep the dream alive:

A pair of graphic designers share their living space:

Laptop & accessory protection company InCase give a tour of their San Fran mill:

Emma Smart shows us that stepping outside the regular and going back to your roots sometimes is the best medicine:

Two creative pop-up book authors/artists show the behind-the-scenes of their process & studio:

Art/design team Teraforma speak some words about problem resolution & process. A little broad, but still good to see a professional say it:

A very interesting an animated walkthrough of various Nokia products & services. This is worth the look:


There it is. How they do it out there. Think you'll be able to adapt from working in the 5th floor open studio?


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