Sunday, October 11, 2009

Where the Wild Thangs Are...

As a child I was really fond of Maurice Sendak's, 'Where the Wild Things Are'. I never owned it so I would always sneak into the library and flip through it. Something about Max, the mischievous little boy decked out in a soft sheepishly-sleepy 'wolf' costume, quieted mossy illustrations of the forest, fun monsters, and in retrospect how even the best of intentions sometime become challenging and complicated. A darn good story.

Storytelling is a tool that we've used for thousands of years to work with all the interior materials of the mind. Initially I was looking for an article I read that proposed literacy has a negative impact on our ability to remember. Instead, here's an article I found about the psychology about Where the Wild Things Are.

Connected to the story, the article brings up a few interesting points including 'how do children survive'? /transform in order to create. We can also see how problems or challenges cause rage, throw you into a creative process to fend through the challenge and hopefully some kind of reconcilliation/solution. I think we can recognize this pattern in our own practice...

The movie is coming out on the 16th:

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