Thursday, October 29, 2009

IDEO Method Cards

These are a fun little tool to have around the office or home. Similar to playing cards (except they only have 51 cards), they also have four categories: Ask, Watch, Learn, Try. These define the activities to generate ideas and discussions and include a real life example from IDEO's practice.

Description from the IDEO website:

"IDEO Method Cards is a collection of 51 cards representing diverse ways that design teams can understand the people they are designing for. They are used to make a number of different methods accessible to all members of a design team, to explain how and when the methods are best used, and to demonstrate how they have been applied to real design projects."

For MAC users, IDEO have now made a number of these cards available as a widget that you can use as part of your dashboard. A really neat thing is the ability to create your own cards from your own experiences! You can download it here.

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