Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The 7 Design Books You Must Have On Your Shelf

Suggested by Core77 if you've only got enough dough to buy a few.

by Alex Steffen

In the Bubble
by John Thackara

By Design
by Ralph Caplan

The Design of Everyday Things
by Donald Norman

Lateral Thinking: Creativity Step by Step
by Edward De Bono

Cradle to Cradle
by William McDonnough and Michael Braungart

Shaping Things
by Bruce Sterling




  1. Victor Papanek's 'Design For The Real World' should be there too .. a book that had a great influence in making the current generation of industrial designers more responsible. Published in the 1970's but still very relevant today!

  2. I would add "The Designer's Atlas of Sustainability" by Ann Thorpe, published 2007.
    It doesn't seem to be acknowledged here but in Sweden is it considered to be new way going beyond eco-design and green design focusing on system change.