Monday, November 30, 2009

Maker's Bill Of Rights

Linus' earlier post about DIY objects prompted me to think about how we can design products that address the current strong DIY movement, or 'trend'.

I was reminded of the Maker's Bill Of Rights, a rather tongue in cheek checklist of commandments to help DIYers (Makers) seek out products that can later be hacked, repurposed, or self-repaired. From a sustainable design perspective, creating products according to this philosophy will potentially extend the 'life' of the product considerably (and decrease the likelihood that it will go into landfill)

The Maker's Bill Of Rights:

Some highlights:
- Ease of repair shall be a design ideal, not an afterthought.
- Torx(Screws) is OK; tamperproof is rarely OK.
- Screws better than glues
- Schematics shall be included.

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