Saturday, November 28, 2009

Cellular phone for the blind

This is another product for blind people. I think it is important to design a product for people with disability for industrial here it is! (Sorry I know all of us are tired of the headset project LOL)

This cellphone for blind users is designed by Zhenwei You, and it is called B-Touch. It would give blind users the same kind of multifuctional versatility that the iPhone enjoys. Instead of a gossy touchscreen, the B-Touch instead has a Braille interface that will allow sightless navigation through the phones proposed features, including voice recognition and speech, a simple navigation system, and scanner that can read text from a page as well as recognize objects.

The B-Touch is sadly just a concept, but hopely something like this will be invented soon!

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  1. Most blind people don't read or don't need to read braille. So any "oh it's a blind person, let's do something with braille is completely misguided and useless.