Thursday, November 26, 2009

Coroflot's 2009 Designer Salary Survey Results

After reading Jason’s post on jobs within Canada, I started to look at other websites that provide information on design job opportunities worldwide. I came across Coroflot, a website aimed at design employment opportunities. On the website designers can post their portfolio, search for jobs by employer, and receive tips on design processes. There is also an analysis of Coroflot’s 2009 Designer Salary Survey that is broken up into categories such as: design salaries by region USA & Canada, design salaries and creative field by work environment, experience and salary by creative field, etc. Since the survey encompasses different areas of design ranging from web design to design management, you can visit the overall results summary to narrow your search. For example, you can select the area of concentration (i.e. industrial design) and select a specific job title within this field i.e. freelance, business development (sales), designer (entry level), and so on.

Check it out!

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