Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tjep's Self-sufficient Farming Explorations

In 2008, a creative agency called Tjep. developed a question that they would strive to answer: how can we, as designers, contribute to the fundamental developments that are taking place in Dutch agricultural research? Focusing on this question Tjep. began an investigation called Oogst (in Dutch, Oogst stands for harvest) exploring new developments in the agricultural sector. Consequently, Tjep. came up with two concept plans, one with a focus on creating synergy between production processes in agriculture, and the other with a focus on energy consumption and waste production in the residential sector. Oogst’s 1000 Wonderland- a self-sufficient farm, restaurant, hotel, and amusement park is one of the Oogst systems that caught my attention first. The toilets are linked to a bio-gas energy system and all users are paid per washroom visit! I think that it is worth checking out Tjep’s Oogst experiments, technology and Tjep’s incorporation of ‘agriligion’ into their systems at:

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