Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Are you addicted?

Remembered this when John Deissel commented on my blogging.

Generally interesting to think about how technologically driven most of our lives have become, but also might be something to look into for your trends analysis, or for your 'disruptive technology' research (David Quan's core class).


Image courtesy of toddand.com

Click here for an informative document (first couple paragraphs will sum it up pretty well), or click here if you want to watch a quick movie instead [although... if you don't have a few minutes to read because you are loosing focus and itching to click away in order view other internet content... maybe that's a sign?...]

Supposdly, this is a credible test to measure your level of Internet Addiction [IE. mild, moderate, or serious] (based on studies done by Laura Widyanto, Ph.D., and Mary McMurran, Ph.D.).


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