Sunday, November 1, 2009

How to Fool Everyone and Make it Big

In this TED talk, Daniel Libeskind shows us how to bullshit and talk in circles to fool everyone into thinking that his unusable buildings are worth it. How does he go on talking about taking risks and not doing the same building over and over while showing images of all the 'different' buildings he's done which all look exactly the same as the last? Watch the video and find out. Learn from Daniel Libeskind and you too can bullshit your way to success!


  1. I agree. Daniel Libeskind and his wife, Nina are the two biggest bullshit artists going. Daniel is such a complete jackass he couldn't even design his own home. He had to get another firm to do it.

  2. Too true .. Daniel Libeskind is one of those hacks who spout archi-speak and somehow convince
    people of his profundity.
    When I saw the initial, all-glass concept for the ROM building, I thought he might've been on to something -- for once, a Libeskind building that doesn't look like another clone of the Holocaust Museum. But of course .. a year later ....